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This is a isdn4linux driver for the TurboPAM ISDN card sold by Auvertech.

This driver was integrated in the linux kernel 2.4.6, the latest version of the driver being the one in the latest available linux kernel. The versions provided for download below must be considered as obsolete (except for the kernel 2.2.19 port).

You can download the driver below as a patch for linux 2.2.19 or 2.4.5.

In order to use this driver you will need to download some additionnal utilities and firmware from the Auvertech web site.

Please redirect all support questions to <>.

Author: Stelian Pop <>.

Filename Size Md5sum
tpam-2.2.19.patch.bz2 26571 bytes e85c1b8d670804ef9548d2f5ee78ffde
tpam-2.4.5-v2.patch.bz2 26180 bytes 2104f484ea5e6ffd5c940580267221e5

Stelian Pop
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