svn-kernel-howto.txt: Description of how to use Subversion for Linux Kernel development.

svnsend: Create readable text output containing description, summary of changes and GNU patch of the changes as needed for proper importing into BitKeeper by an upstream maintainer from a range of Subversion revision numbers. This output is suitable for emailing to LKML.

svnsendall: Calls 'svnsend' for each revision in a given range of Subversion revisions.

bk2svn: Cronable script which updates the SVN repository from the BK->CVS bridge.

bkcvs2svn: Ben Collins script to convert a kernel CVS repository to SVN.

bkcvs2svn+deltas: Modified version of bkcvs2svn which tries to regroup file deltas into SVN revisions.

rcsparse.tar.gz: Python files needed by bkcvs2svn for analyzing a RCS file (rcsparse comes from viewcvs)

svn-kdiff: Show all the differences between the SVN 'trunk' (Linus reference repository) and a development branch.