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PRCS, the Project Revision Control System

PRCS is yet another source revision control system, which:

PRCS home page is at

Below you can find some additional patches for PRCS, part of them were 'stolen' from the PRCS debian package, another part of them were made by me while working on a some other SCM to PRCS conversion tool.

You can also download a source RPM easily rebuildable on (at least) RedHat systems (I tried it on RedHat 9 and Fedora Core 1), using:
rpm --rebuild prcs-*.src.rpm

Filename Size Md5sum Description
prcs-autoheader.patch 361 bytes cace22ec181515ff927e951744be3503 Fix for autoconf
prcs-checkin.patch 370 bytes 01c532628118471181176b2686bae550 Accept -f when checking in a non modified tree
prcs-debian.patch 9753 bytes ac077f57eec22a6fc8c85f23a10ddd14 Some contrib scripts from the Debian package
prcs-gcc3.patch 43362 bytes 33edb68f468db71db059c10f399ba9c2 Fix the gcc3 patch
prcs-merge.patch 19672 bytes 50f623c8401793b637c2673a86e45960 Implement a --merge-actions option
prcs-perl.patch 722 bytes da7199f4b84e32683e0c4ff3fa85de84 Fix the perl path in scripts
prcs-tutorial.html 919495 bytes 7545a222708ad2e5bc997095ab46df70 A PRCS tutorial
prcs-1.3.2-3sp.src.rpm 10089 bytes aa5db8b7edcb41a4941fc9a8bb574ee3 The source RPM containing all of the above

Stelian Pop
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