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Sony Vaio PictureBook Motion Eye Camera Driver

What is meye ?

The meye driver enable the use of video4linux compatible applications with the Motion Eye camera. This driver requires the Sony Vaio Programmable I/O Control Device driver (which can be found in the "Character drivers" section of the kernel configuration utility) to be compiled and installed (using its "camera=1" parameter).

Where I can download the driver ?

The driver was integrated in the official Linux kernel starting with the 2.4.7 kernel, and the latest version is always found in the latest kernel tree.

How can I configure the driver ?

Carefully read the file meye.txt which can be found in the Documentation/video4linux directory of your kernel source tree.

A local copy of this file can be read here for the 2.6 kernels and here for the 2.4 kernels

How can I capture video in compressed format or still pictures ?

The meye driver has the ability to grab ppm or jpg snapshots or mjpeg hardware compressed video. You need to download motioneye below in order to do that.
Filename Size Md5sum
motioneye-1.3.tar.bz2 8816 bytes b0ea7e98f106f08ecdea0dd05f30a152

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