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Envlink File System

Envlinkfs is a filesystem for Linux. A envlinkfs filesystem is composed by only one directory which contains several symbolic links.

The name of the links and the their destination are calculated each time a user enters this directory (or accesses a file from the directory).

The names and the destinations are based on fixed strings or on users' environment variables. Users who have different values for the environment variables see different files in the directory.

I wrote this filesystem in order to easily use Rational's (Atria's ) ClearCase configuration management software (sort of advanced CVS, RCS).

The envlink filesystem is built as a module. It does not require a kernel patch!

The envlink filesystem has been tested on kernel 2.0.3[23456] (envlinkfs 0.2 version) and kernel 2.2.[01] (envlinkfs 0.3 version).

You can get the full description in the README file.

Download envlinkfs 0.3 (kernel 2.2 version) here! or Download envlinkfs 0.2 (kernel 2.0 version) here!

Comments and reports of (un)success are welcome!

Stelian Pop
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